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Ioanna N. Triperina


Psychologist, MSc. Occ Psy

Licensed: 3750-19/5/97       



Private Thebes' Office :

38 Glinou Str.

32200 Thiva



Find us on the map:

phone: +302262302619


Athens' Office:
Tel: +30 6977 702872


Experiential place:

Prodromos Thisvi Viotia

Tel: +30 6977 702872



Skype: +30 2262 022494, iotrip

Email: ioanna at clevercareer dot gr

change at with @ and dot with . without gaps




We deliver our services:

Locally: in Thiva and Athens, Viotia and Attiki

Nationally: throughout Greece

Internationally: all over the world (in Greek and English)



Form of cooperation with persons:

Live face to face (at our place in Thebes, at business centers in Athens, at our experiential place in Prodromos Thisvi Viotia, at your place)

Asynchronous email interchange (one to one)

Distant - video calls (one to one)

Distant - videoconference (group)

On transnational EU funded projects




Greek (mother)

English (excellent)

German (good)




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