Ioanna N. Triperina, Psychologist MSc Occ Psy licensed/certified 3750/19.5.97

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What is CleverCareer at a glance:

Complete Systems Psychology Applications: person, couple, family, group, team, organization, community

Life Long Experiential Psychology: from prenatal to late adulthood life

Providing Psychological Services for the Development of Personality and Emotional Intelligence in Digital Culture


Proposed Services:


Services for expatriated executives and their families and organizations.



We, Triperina sisters, combined our sciences, our interests, our local identity, and our international perspective, to establish CleverCareer company in Thebes, Greece, right after our postgraduation from Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

With our “EQplayschool” projects and services we provide unique walk, talk and play psychology experiences (experiential tourism, learning and development) on business, individual/family and voluntary basis.

We address our services to national and international groups and individuals.

We play, walk and talk of timeless psychology subjects inspired by the ancient ancestors of Thebes city (Oedipus the mythical king, Dionysus the mythical god, Crates the Philosopher, Luke the Evangelist, Rufus the Apostle), and the new agro-health-digital era.

Our city breaks boost self-awareness and self-motivation, by empowering strengths and coping weaknesses, for thinkers, feelers and doers, seeking real life experiences.

As United Nations declares 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development ( we contribute, for our part, to the strengthening of peace in the world. With our business idea, experience and services we would like to encourage people to foster better understanding among peoples everywhere, in leading to a greater awareness of the rich heritage of various civilizations and in bringing about a better appreciation of the inherent values of different cultures.

Ioanna Triperina (MSc Occupational Psychology)


Sophia Triperina (MBA)




The founder of CleverCareer:

Ioanna Triperina

Psychologist | Organizational Psychologist | Innovative Projects Leader | Coach | Counselor | Life Long Educator | Consultant | Writer | Creative  Scientist




We provide our services to:




Methods we use:



Our knowledge areas of expertise:


Psychological Counseling, Coaching and Mental Health

Education, Lifelong Learning and Development

Organizational Effectiveness - Research and Development



The areas we deliver our services:



Objectives and results:


Ioanna N. Triperina, MSc. Occ Psy,

Address: Glinou 38 str., 32200 Thebes, Viotia, Greece

T. +302262302619, M. +306977702872

email: ioanna.triperina at | skype: iotrip


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