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The broad goal of researchers can be construed as wanting to advance the understanding of psychological phenomena with the outcome of bettering the lives of people throughout the world. However, the information amassed during the research process is rarely extracted into the public sphere to influence policy or practice. I believe that is essential the role of the mediator between the researchers and the public, as long as public engagement is critical for using research to invoke social change. Therefore, I have taken the initiative to play the mediating role as a psychologist in private practice that disseminates research results to the public.

I mostly write in Greek, but this is my English writing section:



My blog in Greek: personal therapy, family therapy, business therapy, community and group therapy.


I am a researcher on my own, and my research work is here (in Greek).




Would you like to collectively write with me? Read here and find a way to collaborate #cscw :)




Contradiction and Synthesis is my psy_art project in English.





Contact person


Ioanna N. Triperina, MSc. Occ Psy,

Address: Glinou 38 str., 32200 Thebes, Viotia, Greece

T. +302262302619, M. +306977702872

email: ioanna.triperina at clevercareer.gr | skype: iotrip


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