Ioanna N. Triperina Psychologist BSc MSc

license no: 3750/19.5.97


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Business Therapy =

Business Management + Psychological Therapy



Behavioral research and design implementations

for business organizations


In distance sessions

[cyber-video, chat-channel, via e-mails, on phone for Greek speaking people]

[via e-mails for English speaking people]




Organizational Psychologist - Management Consultant on Health and Safety Issues




Work Psychologist for Health and Safety of Lone Workers




Board Coach Psychologist on Health and Safety Issues



Business Coach Psychologist on Crisis, Transfer and Start-ups




Computer Supported Co-operative Work:

Emotional Intelligence

CrossGenerations Cooperation



Experience Design

Communications and marketing, events management, learning and development, digital solutions, etc.



Mental Health and Career Coaching for Individual Enterprises








Ioanna N. Triperina, Psychologist BSc MSc

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