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Ioanna N. Triperina, Psychologist, MSc Occ Psy


Collective writing and competencies

Less people more distribution of competencies. The one who owns the e.g. writing competency writes and he is appreciated by the other who own other competencies.

More people more own the same competency (same distribution). All those who write have to compete. The competition changes the rules of the game. There is no appreciation and at last there is no one to read. Hierarchies do not like to free minds.

More of the more people. The digital era. Here comes collective writing. Collective writing changes the focus of rules’ game: from competition to collective competency. The collective writings are appreciated by the other who have other collective competencies. Collective writing is open-self-organizing.

This is not a new born idea, but it has to be conceptualized and we have to work different models on how to better achieve this.


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