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I read, write and speak Greek, English, German. I study Chinese.


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Coronavirus pandemics changed rapidly the way of living, working and socializing, and this has caused new stress.

The humanities and social sciences play an essential role in information/misinformation mitigation, reduction of fear and stigma, prevention, screening, adherence to treatment, and control policies. The challenge of the covid-19 pandemic requires collaborations between disciplines, including, but not limited to, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, artificial technology (AI), etc. Each of us, as scientists and practitioners, is ready to share data, experience, ideas.

AI could be a great help to human understanding on how effective is each country's strategic plan to prevent and treat covid-19, and its causes and consequences. Out of these comparisons, on a global level, could be made decisions for the next day, the post covid-19 era. Also, what worked out earlier in some cases could be helpful later in other cases. This work should be the collaboration among mental health scientists, health scientists, AI scientists, and many more, grounded on robust ethics.

As a psychologist I am ready to feed my AI and health collaborators with mental health data, scientific experience and ideas, prioritising ethical issues. I am devoted to advance mental health through computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Anonymous group data (versus personalized individual data) have been used by open science to advance society's understanding on critical issues. Personalized individual data are of no other use to science, than to deeply describe a case study in a journal or congress, by fully protecting personal identification.
This is basic code of ethics to conduct research.

#covid19 #mentalhealth #ai #hci #cscw #postcovid19 #newera

copyright 22/4/20, I.N.Triperina



Services I provide:


for individuals

Mental Health Services as a Licensed Psychologist


for business

Consulting Services as a Specialist in Occupational Psychology


for public / organizations / partnerships

Writing Services as a Researcher and Educator:

      a. Training Services as a Certified Adults
          Educator (in Psychology)

      b. Research & Development Services in Human
Social Sciences (Psychology)

      c. Psychological Coaching by Writing




My qualifications


professional identity:

I am a licensed psychologist (license no 3750/19.5.97) practicing psychology - as a professional practitioner and as a research scientist - in Greece and internationally in line with the code of conduct of Greek Psychologists, in accordance with the meta-code of ethics of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations.


university education:

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Department of Psychology (1996), and a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology (1998) from Cardiff University, School of Psychology. I am certified in Occupational Testing, Level A of the British Psychological Society (BPS),1998.


adults education specialization:

I am a Certified Adults Trainer: cert. no 412171/2003, cert. no ΕΒ12171/2008, since 2014 in EOPPEP catalogue, (three certifications due to different policy approaches), for the general population, for people with special needs, for conventional and for e-learning.

I have been trained in adult education train the trainer programmes on continuous vocational training, sexual education, environmental management, parenting, e-learning, second chance schools education.



I am the founder of CleverCareer, 2000, an innovative business specialized in Psychological Research, Design, Application and Assessment of Career, Work, Life, Experience, through survey, project management, consulting, counseling, coaching, training, writing.

I am one of the founding members of the Greek School Psychologists Society, 2000 (later on closed due to policy changes).

I am one of the founding members of the Special Group in Psychological Coaching (SGPC), of the British Psychological Society (BPS), 2002.



I have been a Ministry of Justice Expert on psychological assessment (2016-2019).
I have been a Pedagogical Institute Expert, registered as an expert on school community relations for the "major training programme" (13th evaluation rank out of 94 experts in Greece, 2011).


work experience:




Μy psychological therapy experience


I have been trained in

Cognitive Psychotherapies - EPIPSY


Systems Therapy

and integrating these approaches into my own integrative psychotherapy, named CleverCareer, that I have been searching, writing and practicing on it for more that 20 years.

My approach is sensitive to culture, gender, sexual orientation, age and special needs. For more than 20 years now, I own over 3.000 hours of experience in counselling, coaching and therapy, working individually and in groups, for persons of all ages (children, adolescents, adults), couples and families.



My adults training experience


Training in organizations (design, implementation, evaluation), 2000-2020

Training of trainers, training of counsellors, e-training, continuous professional training (managers, personnel, graduates): AB Vassilopoulos, CARREFOUR, Hellenic Bank, Greek Association of School Psychologists, Greek Sex Medical Institute, Gregory’s Food, HENKEL-ECOLAB, HOTELS AMALIA, ΜΕΤΑXΑ, National Center of Intensive Care (EKAB), ORIFLAME, PIAGGIO, SCHWARZKOPF-RILKEN, Sivitanidios Public School of Arts and Professions, Technical University of Crete, Universal Life Insurance, Harokopio University, open

Training subjects: counsellors and educators development, performance management, career management, change management, team building, stress management, work-life balance, personnel selection & assessment, development centres-competencies development, communication, emotional intelligence, cross-generation cooperation, brain plasticity, digital culture and human computer interaction, etc.


Continuous vocational training / unemployed training, 1998-2016

Vocational guidance for counselors, women, long-term unemployed men 45-65 years old, repatriated, graduates, mentally retarded people, prisoners, professionals e-learning.


Students training, 1998-2001

New York College (BΑ) Lecturer on Courses: Industrial Psychology, Social Research and Statistics (1999-2000)

University of Louisville, Athens Master Programs (ΜΒΑ) (seminars: Human Resource Management) (1998-2000)

Economic University of Athens (MBA-Executive), seminars: Team-building (2001)




My work assignments experience


Counsellor Psychologist in Second Chance School in the Prison of Eleonas Thiva (2011-2016)

Work Psychologist journalist for the National Greek newspaper “ETHNOS-ERGASIA”, Athens (1999-2001)

Psychologist for the Greek Council for Refugees, Athens (1999-2000)




My innovative implementations experience


"CleverTOOLS", for individuals and business, based on principles of psychometrics and business metrics / business analytics.

Creative psychological writing "psy_art", based on writing therapy.

Experience design:

          Experiential therapy "EmotionalPlaySchool", based on play-therapy and psychodrama.

          Experiential tourism "9muses9gifts in Sterea Ellada", based on experiential travel, #9muses9gifts on instagram.




My research experience


Research and publications:

(statistical methodology/research design: structural equation modeling)

From competencies in action (ΔΕΝΔΡΑ, Greece and Cyprus 1997-2009) to emotional play-school (Συναισθηματικό Παιχνιδοσχολείο, Viotia 2010-2017): experiential learning and development in the cultural and geophysical landscape for the cultivation of multiple intelligence (PSMA, 2017).
Experiential training assessment "entrepreneurship competencies" in summer schools in Attica (2007-2008).

Assessment of a counselling programme for career development of students at trades and vocations in Athens (2003).

Causes and effects of ambulance crew work stress (2001).

Cross-cultural counseling (refugees - asylum seekers): description and evaluation for social and job market integration in Greece (1999).

Organizational climate and commitment in the Greek manufacturing industry (1998).

Gender differentiations in sexuality perception (1996).

Social competencies and behavior problems of children in child protection institutions (1995).


Research proposals and applications:

Erasmus +: FORINER etc.

EQUAL: Women overcoming the ceiling glass

FP6-IST (Information Society Technologies): various

FP6: "The CARiMan project": CleverCareer's contribution with Computer Supported Cooperative Work

EPEAEK II: various entrepreneurship projects

European Project Β3-4113: Refugee integration

YOUTH: “ΕΥGΕ-ΝΕΤ: Young Entrepreneurs Development”

NOW: IT Women

AVANZA: Job Club for women

LEONARDO DA VINCI: “WEPY: Work Experience for Youth” etc.

YOUTHSTART: Job Club for young people

ADAPT: ECO-Management Project




My publications experience



Career and Performance Management: applying psychology at work, ISBN 960-87278-0-4, 416 pages, Athens: CleverCareer (2002).



"Experiential Training Guide" for Attica youth summer school trainers, "Personal Development Plan" and "Skills Development Guide" for Attica youth summer school students, in the context of subproject 7 "Experimental methods for professional empowerment and entrepreneurial encouragement of students" in the context of the project "Summer Schools of Youth Entrepreneurship of Attica", which was implemented in the context of Operations category 2.3.2.g of EPEAEK II of the Ministry of Education, Ioanna N. Triperina & Sofia Triperina, 2007-2008

Entrepreneurship Guides: Introduction, Business Plan: design and implementation, Financing, in printed and electronic version, EPEAEK ΙΙ, for the Career Service of the Technical University of Crete, 2005-2006

“The Career Management Counselor in the Workplace of the ICT Sector”, in the framework of LEONARDO DA VINCI “INDICAM project”, in English, July 2004


E-guide for applying career counselling at secondary education: tools and skills for the cooperation of pupils, teachers, parents, institutions, companies, and counsellors, (co-author Sophia Triperina), CleverCareer, April 2003


“Vocational Guidance Guide for the Education Ministry, Career Counselors, Youth and Organizations”, in the framework of LEONARDO DA VINCI “WEPY project”, in Greek and English, book and CD-ROM format, April 1999


More than 20 essays based on CleverCareer projects.



A wide range of therapeutic stories (from 2008 and on)



CleverCareer e-magazine

e-HR Your Personal Coach”, (not open any more)

From November 2001 to December 2004, 62 articles covering innovative issues on entrepreneurship,  employees-management-candidates perspectives, human resource (selection, appraisal, training, development), professional wellbeing, career, organizational change and development, personal change and development, client relations, etc.


National Newspaper “ETHNOS”, periodic publication “ERGASIA”, Column “Work Counselor”:

From 30/11/99 to 22/5/01, 59 pioneering issues for unemployed and employees, that changed the classic perspective of work and employment.  



Triperina, I. N. (2014). Nine muses, nine types of intelligence. Workshop Festival "Myths and traditions of Boeotia. The preservation of oral culture".

Triperina, I. N. (2004). Work and Organizational Psychology in Greece from the perspective of a practitioner. Newsletter of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists, Winter/Spring 2004.

Triperina, Ι. Ν. (2004). Can Career Counseling services and manpower recruitment services be provided by the same organization? Quarterly Review of Counselling and Guidance, 70-71, pages: 73-74, Athens: Ellinika Grammata.

Triperina, I. N. (2003). Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Network of Excellence “CARiMan (signal recognition real time knowledge risk management), 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission Information Society Technologies Call 2, Athens: December.

Triperina, Ι. Ν. (2002). Achieving results through surveys and training in organizations. Presentation at the Conference of CleverCareer on “Performance and Career Management: Powerful methods to improve the effectiveness of organizations through improving people performance and well-being”, Conference Center of the Municipality of Thebes, Thebes/GR: 7/9/02.

Triperina, Ι. Ν. (2001). Cross-cultural Career Counseling: a programme on refugees’ integration in the Greek society and job market. Presented at the Congress of the Hellenic Society of Counseling and Guidance: Being different and equal in the 21st century, ΕΒΕΑ, Athens: 2-3/12/00. Published on the Quarterly Review of Counselling and Guidance, 58-59, pages 144-167, Athens: Ellinika Grammata.

Triperina, I. N. (2000). Experiences in participating in gender sensitive projects. European meeting on the development of gender sensitive integration methods (presentation). European Council for refugees and Exiles (ECRE), Brussels, 13.7.00.

Triperina, Ι. Ν. (1996). Education for Peace, the battle against social exclusion and racism, Mediterranean Meeting, European Youth Centre, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France: 16-20/12/96.

Triperina, I. N. (1995). Best Buddies: The social integration of mentally retarded people. PsyScriptum, No 6 Autumn, page 3, European Association of Psychology Students.

Articles on national newspapers such as Naftemporiki, EXPRESS, NETWEEK.



In various congresses, seminars, webinars, speeches.




My on going Life Long Learning


Life Long Learning opportunities I participate / keep myself updated:

World Health Organization - Mental Health - WHO M/H

Open Science of Psychology - O/S - P/OS

Psychotherapies - EPIPSY

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work - OSHA

Pastoral Healthcare/Ecumenical Patriarchate - PH/EP

Interplay between mental and somatic disorders - ISRIMSD


Want to find or learn more about my theoretical and research interests?

You can visit (wiki links):

Human Brain




Cognitive Bias

Digital Culture

Big Five Personality Traits


Dark Triad

Emotional Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Human Computer Interaction


Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Business Intelligence

My writings: Open Science by Ioanna N. Triperina, Psychologist BSc. MSc.




Open Science: My blog in Greek.




copyright 23/3/20, I.N.Triperina


Ioanna N. Triperina, Psychologist BSc MSc

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