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We design experiential games, programs, actions

- tailor-made scenarios 

- competencies based

- assessment (feed-back and forward)

- for learning and development, for health, for entertainment, for art, for science.

Have you participated in training and development programs designed with experiential methodology? Was it a professional approach or just a poor, trendy attempt? What is the meaning of experience? What is experiential design? Do you know that the design of experiences is a science and it is our own professional specialty in CleverCareer?

The design of experiences is about to provide the canvas that everyone will make their own painting, provide the stage where everyone will play their own drama. The materials that may be needed are also provided to the energetic participants, but how to use them is a matter of their own. In this way, unique opportunities for learning, development and entertainment can be given, which are discussed, evaluated and fed-back and forward.

The design of experiences is a science and it is our own CleverCareer profession.


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Psychology helps the media and technology industry.


Here is an example: where the psychological principles behind archetypical evil laughter of heroes in films are described in the Journal of Popular Culture.


I, Ioanna Triperina, work on how we as psychologists can help people and their communication in the digital era, through experiential design applications.


When our real life is so structured, computerized, robotized, so empty of instincts and sterile of deep emotions, or their recognition and expression, then the media way out to archetypical instincts is a satisfying and fulfilling choice (sublimation). Instincts are essential to human nature, so we have to reinvent them in real life in the digital culture of the contemporary world. This is my “business” as a psychologist in experiential design.

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Ioanna N. Triperina, MSc. Occ Psy,

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