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One to One Psychological Training/Coaching by Writing




There are people who


My service is about those people.




Usually one of the following:


Brief description


Everything started with my successful initiative on "creativepsywriting".


I have been practising ONE-to-ONE psychological training and coaching via asynchronous written communication (correspondence through e-mail) in English and in Greek, since 2014. There are a number of advantages in this approach:



Relevant Bibliography


Distance education




Personal construct theory


Discourse analysis


Narrative therapy


Writing therapy


Scientific publications:


Writing about Emotional Experiences as a Therapeutic Process (1997)


Expressive writing can increase working memory capacity (2001)


Benefits of Expressive Writing in Lowering Rumination and Depressive Symptoms of college students (2006)


A randomized controlled trial examined the quality-of-life benefits of an expressive writing intervention for patients with renal cell carcinoma and identified a potential underlying mechanism of intervention efficacy (2014)


Expressive Writing in Psychological Science (2017)



How it is conducted


An urgent course is about daily communication for a two weeks or one month period.


Duration usually varies among a three months course, a six months course, a nine months course, a twelve months course.


A usual schema is a message from you and my reply, that is feedback and feedforward on your writing, usually once in a week, or once in two weeks, depending on the rhythm that suits you. That is:


Week 1:

Your message

My feedback and feedforward




Week 1:

Your message

Week 2

My feedback and feedforward


Content is customized, tailor-made according to your particular needs.


Our correspondence is a trip, a lovely trip, that I will be happy, if everything is appropriate, to experience it together working through:




Body Sensations




Past History

Future Plans

by writing to each other in order to accomplish your particular needs as they are defined in your screening test and later on in our cooperation.


Languages: English or Greek


Please feel free to contact me for an initial identification. I usually work with reference by colleagues or past clients.




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